The City Council of Seville activated from the Monday, 5 of December, the Plan Special of mobility for the Christmas that will provide special attention to them area commercial and to them points of the program of activities shines. This period will be applied in three phases. The first phase is developed from the Monday day 5 of December until the Thursday 15 of December, the second phase from the Friday day 16 of December until the Friday 6 of January of the 2017 and the third phase from Saturday day 7 of January until the Sunday day 15 of January of the 2017.
To facilitate them access pedestrian and ensure the fluidity of the traffic of vehicles private is implemented the measures collected in the first phase. He schema of application of the measures of this first phase will be subject to the different needs that is go producing in them areas affected during them days of validity. The schedule of implementation of the measures of the second phase of the mobility Plan, is indicated in the corresponding headings. While in the areas of Nervión-Luis of Morales, and Nervión-Av. Andalusia-round of the Tamarguillo will be variable, in the Center historical is activated with character general of 10:00 h to 22:00 h, activating is measures specific by areas to them different hours collected in them headings corresponding that is detailed more forward. The schedule of the third phase will be flexible depending on the conditions of the traffic. The term of this Plan is extended with respect to previous years during the first days of the period of sales, resulting in this third phase as a novelty in this year. He present Plan of mobility is the tool main to run by the police Local, that can be activated when happen them events that is want order, or off when not fulfilled these agglomerations, therefore, to trial of these officials and with knowledge of the Director responsible of the execution of the Plan, them different headings of this Plan may be activated or not in part or in its entirety. From the center of management of the mobility of the Town Hall of Seville belonging to the address General of mobility and in coordination with the police Local of Seville, of form collegiate, is will have capacity to modify the schema of application of any type of management temporary to the traffic collected in this Plan of mobility. A time adopted any modification substantial of the present Plan Special of mobility of Christmas 2016-2017 is will give transfer to the CECOP so this Department communicates that modification to the services affected.
AREAS AFFECTED them spaces identified as centers of attraction of greater number of travel of them citizens during the parties of Christmas have been traditionally the following:

 Historic centre

 Area of Nervion-Luis de Morales

 Confluence of the Avenida de Andalucia with the round of the Tamarguillo.

 San Jacinto street pedestrian section and its environment.

 Calle Asunción section pedestrian and its environment.

 Calle Marqués de Pickman.

 Environment of the Centre commercial the viewpoint.


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