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One more year, Seville prepares to celebrate one of its most important and massive celebrations: Holy Week.

For nine days, the city will live very intense moments, from the explosion of joy to the passage of the brotherhoods as Macarena and San Gonzalo; and the seclusion and privacy of others such as Vera Cruz or the Shroud.

This year, the announcement will be given by Francisco Javier Segura, a young brother linked to several brotherhoods. Also, the poster has been produced by the artist Nuria Barrera.

Also this year, as a prelude of Holy Week will be held on Via Crucis of the Faith, which will involve 14 Easter brotherhoods that run through the area surrounding the cathedral on February 17

Thanks to its location in the heart of Seville, Hotel Europa is perfect for stay during Easter.

It is close to famous landmarks such as the Cathedral or the Plaza del Salvador and the Arenal.


The origin of public worship or in the street procession, we are following the institutionalization of the Cross. Introduces in Seville Don Fadrique Enriquez de Ribera, the first Marquis of Tarifa, after his trip to the Holy Land in 1521.

It used to be held every year. Its origin was the House of Pilate and the last station was at the Temple de la Cruz del Campo.

In 1604 the foundations for greater vigilance settled, and gives rise to one of the hallmarks of the current Easter: the official route. The council obliged all processions to go through a certain place: the processions of Seville Cathedral and Santana Triana. It is from the seventeenth century when the brotherhoods begin to resemble the current model. You being integrated by unions, estates or racial minorities residing in the city (Golden Age).

The eighteenth century marks a slight decline for the fraternities, which again resurgence thanks to the interest shown by the nobility, especially the Dukes of Monpensier in the nineteenth century.

It is the mid-twentieth century when the foundations of the current model of Easter feel, resulting in a recognized and imitated model.

In recent years we have incorporated new brotherhoods, especially in the suburbs.


Official race. It is the path they have to perform all mandatory brotherhoods in his discourse to the Holy Cathedral Church. The official tour begins at the Plaza de la Campana and Sierpes Street continues, Plaza de San Francisco, Constitution Avenue and Cathedral, to finish in the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes.

Throughout this journey, the Board of brotherhoods installed chairs that can be rented for the passage of the processions.

Nazarenes. The Nazarenes are penitents who accompany the images by the season of penance. Most it called Nazarenes light" and carrying a candle during the tour. There are others who wear a cross to hill, known as "penitents". Usually they wear robes and mask that covers his face. More Nazarene Brotherhood of the Macarena is the 2,900.

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