Seville Romantic

Seville Romantic
Seville Romantic Visit and discover the Seville romantic and while their corners, squares, parks, monuments and most popular neighborhoods is very easy for our position in the historic center of the city. Hotels in the center of Seville always have promotions, discounts and very favorable rates for your next stay visit our website. 1.- Barrio de Santa Cruz. It is not uncommon that one of the most important Jewish quarters in Spain is chosen as one of the most romantic places in the center of Seville, Arabic layout with its narrow streets and small courtyards with charm, the passage of water sources is heard in the silence of the streets. Importantly, the Callejón del Agua, next to the wall, where they can discover a true Sevillian patio. This is definitely a dream and an undeniable beauty, and scene of many photo shoots newlyweds. 2.- Parque de María Luisa. Thanks to the Infanta Maria Luisa of Borbon today we can enjoy these wonderful gardens, which were donated by her to the city of Seville in 1893. Its irregular shape gave meaning to the concept of romantic, passionate and wild love, but later the French engineer Jean -Claude Nicolas Forestier, curator of the Bois de Boulogne Paris, made ​​several modifications being its image as we know it today. For these reasons, it is easy to think of the Maria Luisa Park as one of the most romantic places in Sevilla, laying over the years have walked thousands of loving couples. 3.- Plaza de Spain. It symbolizes the embrace of Spain to its former Latin American colonies, and therefore built for the Iberoamerican Exposition in Seville in 1929. Attached to the Parque de María Luisa, is distinguished spectacular semi-elliptical gallery, its central fountain and surrounding canal, by which multiple partners and visitors stroll boat, all this gives the Plaza of Spain in a deep romanticism to live unforgettable moments. 4.- Real Alcázar. Imagine being a queen blackberry and strolling through the lush gardens, or a great caliph hosting dignitaries at the majestic Hall of Ambassadors. The Real Alcázar is a very special place and a real treat for the senses, where the fragrance of jasmine and night blooming lady mix, the sound of water in the pond of Mercury and an impressive architectural and natural beauty. Will leave a lasting memory. 5.- Marqués de Contadero at sunset. The Guadalquivir River has been of vital importance throughout the years to the city of Seville , and even today is still alive: is fishing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking sports as practiced and watch the sunset at Marqués de contadero riverside watching as the sun disappears leaving behind golden sparkles on the water, no comparison.
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