Cinematographic Sevilla: from Star Wars to Game of Thrones

Cinematographic Sevilla: from Star Wars to Game of Thrones

Speaking of Seville at the moment is to make direct reference to the cinematographic Seville, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones. This is because this city has been the scene of these large audiovisual productions more than one time. Did not you know it? So, read on to learn more about it.

Seville and the landscapes from Star Wars to Game of Thrones

Seville Game of Thrones

It is not a secret to anyone that Seville is a beautiful city and home to several outstanding monuments. However, just a few know that the beauty of this place in Spain has transcended until sneak in to the big screen which is something that increases its tourist attraction without a doubt! Seville is a place where any kind of movies or TV series can be filmed it does not matter if it is a futuristic or old story.

Proof of it is that this city has been chosen to record several scenes of two great productions. They belong to the field of film or television, being their names Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Do you remember the Palace of Naboo in Star Wars where Queen Padmé Amidala ruled? Don't you? Well, don't be worried all you have to keep in mind is that this Palace does exist and it is in Seville! These scenes were recorded in Plaza de España thus achieving that auspicious environment of the film. Who'd thought it!  However, that is not all since there is also another monument of Seville used in a series. We are talking about the Palace of the kingdom of Dorne in Game of Thrones which was recorded at the Real Alcazar of Seville!

As you can see, this only proves that Seville is a movie city capable of taking you on an unforgettable trip just walking the streets and the monuments of the city!

Seville, a city of the big screen

It is a palpable fact that several of the scenes of Star Wars and Game of Thrones were filmed in Seville. However, these are not the only productions that have been developed in this spectacular city of Spain. Being the case, it is quite necessary to review those productions of cinema and television in which Seville serves as the stage. These would be the following:

  • The Dictator’s Palace in the film The Dictator turns out to be also Plaza de España.
  • In the movie Knight and Day starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise you can find glimpses of:
    • Virgen de los Reyes Square.
    • La Maestranza Bullring.
    • Adjacent areas of the Town Hall and La Giralda.  Both of them parts of the city of Seville!
      • The film Lawrence of Arabia also takes part in many areas of Seville such as:
    • Plaza de España.
    • Casa Pilatos.
    • Plaza América.
    • The Palace of Miguel de Mañara.
  • Kingdom of Heaven is a film that like the others came alive in the city of Seville. In this case, this medieval adventure turned the Reales Alcázares into Jerusalem. In a Palace in Jerusalem to be more specific!
  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise also directed by Ridley Scott hosts important parts of Seville too. The Reales Alcázares de Sevilla makes an appearance!

It is more than proven that Seville is not just another city in Spain. It is a city that many of us have already visited thanks to cinema and television!

Why visit the cinematographic Seville?

Sevilla Star WarsNowadays, there are a lot of people who are passionate about movies that cannot stop watching them. Television and cinema have taken an important place in the hearts of us all making our lives more entertaining. Thinking then that Seville is an important part of that film culture is something that pleases. It is a place that adapts perfectly to any environment or history! Therefore, it is a place that we will always see as stages of the best series and films in the world. An unequivocal proof of this is Star Wars and Game of Thrones!

For all said above it is really necessary to visit Seville and to be infected by its particular magic. This place is so interesting that you probably will not have time to get bored. Do not miss Seville and see why it is the favorite place to record the most blockbuster films and series!


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