Plaza de España in Seville

Plaza de España in Seville

If you want to admire an architectural structure of great pride for the habitants in Seville, you cannot miss Plaza de España in Seville, which was started in the early 20th century. The scent of the herbs and flowers of the Maria Luisa Park flood this unique square, as it is located on the side of the park.

Learn a little about its history and the most significant aspects of this architectural complex of great importance for the city. A place you must not forget to include in your travel plans.

In addition, Plaza de España has been declared by TripAdvisor travelers as the second best place of interest in the world, just behind the Cambodian complex of Angkor Wat.

History of Plaza de España

In 1911, a preliminary design competition was held and the winner was the project for Plaza de España in Seville. However, at the end of the project some variations were made to the initial draft.

plaza de España in Seville was commissioned in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition; Aníbal González was the architect in charge of the project along with some collaborators, including Aurelio Gómez Millán and José Luis de Casso Romero. The King Alfonso XIII was in charge of the inauguration of this square, in addition to laying the first stone of this space.

It was one of the most expensive works in the exhibition; at least 1000 workers participated in its construction. This work was completed in 1928 when Vicente Traver and Tormás finished the enclosures and added the fountain in the centre. It was declared a monument of cultural interest on 16th March, 1981.

In 2010 Plaza de España in Seville was restored and during 2011 a statue was installed to remember the initial architect and director of the project Aníbal González. Nowadays, Plaza de España in Seville is often used as a place to take beautiful photographs of newlyweds.

Plaza de España in Seville

Plaza de España in Seville is considered a true symbol of regionalist architecture, a space that is unrivalled thanks to the perfect combination of polychrome ceramic tiles and brick. The semi-circular lake is one of the most attractive aspects of the square.

It is a large space, whose semi-eliptical shape symbolizes Spain's embrace of ancient American territories. Facing the River Guadalquivir is the Plaza de España in Seville as an emblem of the path to follow to link the two continents.

In general terms, this square has a Renaissance style combined with the regional style of Seville. Ceramics and marble were the main materials used for the construction of this ostentatious architectural work.

Plaza de España in Seville has an area of 50,000 m², 200 metres in diameter has the canal. The most significant thing about this square is that it tries to immortalize the Spanish provinces, including shields, maps and aspects that distinguish the 48 provinces.

On each of the benches in the square, there are images of 48 illustrious figures from Spain, including Quevedo and Velázquez.

After the exhibition the space would become part of the University of Seville, but it is currently the headquarters of the Captaincy General, the Government of Andalusia and the Military Historical Museum.

Places around Plaza de España in Seville

Not only can you admire the beauty of Plaza de España in Seville, you can also visit some places of cultural interest around it, such as: the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, the Archaeological Museum of Seville, the Maria Luisa Park, as well as the Military Historical Museum of Seville.

Fares and timetables for Plaza de España in Seville

The beauty of Plaza de España in Seville is indisputable. The best thing is that you can enjoy it without any cost, you just have to know that the square is closed at night to prevent vandalism.

You can visit Plaza de España in Seville from 8:00 am to 10:00 am from November to March. Between April and October, the square is open until midnight.

Near the square is the Prado de San Sebastián station, Calle Manuel Vázquez Sagastizabal. The city's tourist buses also pass through this space, to facilitate access for most people to Plaza de España in Seville, where they can enjoy admiring this magnificent work.

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