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The next day December 13 will be the concert of Ana Guerra and Luis Cepeda, former contestants of Operation Triunfo at the Cartuja Center Cite in Seville.

The performance is part of the ImaginBank tour. The concert will begin at 9:30 p.m.

 Resultado de imagen de ana guerra y cepeda concierto

Singers Information:

Luis Cepeda: Luis Cepeda was a contestant of Operation Triunfo, through this program he acquired a technique much more focused on his artistic career. Currently, Luis Cepeda on June 29 released his first album. It is a record work full of creativity where you can appreciate the evolution that the artist has had.

In such a short time, Cepeda has managed to reach number 1 on sales lists in Spain. Another of the most relevant data of the artist’s career is that he has managed to exceed 4 million views on YouTube, and even became number 1 on iTunes.


Ana Guerra: The young Tenerife was a contestant of Operation Triunfo last year 2017. One of the highlights of Ana is her deep voice, where you can perceive her vocation. In addition, it has the public’s admiration because it has reached almost 100 million views between its Spotify and YouTube accounts. Some of the successes that treasure the singer are: “The bad” duet along with Aitana Ocaña and “The remedy”.

On January 25, his first album, Reflection, went on sale. His first single was titled “Bajito”, which has managed to position itself at number 1 on iTunes, exceeding 9 million views.


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