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Antonio Zambujo in Lope de Vega Theatre.

by | Jan 1, 2016 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

   Antonio Zambujo’s concert will open the Festival of Fado in Lope de Vega Theatre. The performance that will start the Festival of Fado is in charge of Antonio Zambujo and it will take place on October the 8th in the theatre already mentioned.

   This singer, who won several awards such as Golden Globe 2015 for Best Solo Singer and Best Song (“Pica do 7”), outstrips in this tour the 100 concerts he performed in the presentation tour for his album “Rua da Emenda”. For further information, visit his web page

   Make sure you do not miss this date with portuguese folk on October the 8th at 20.30h in Lope de Vega Theatre. Click here to buy the tickets:


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