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The Pavellón de la Navegación de Sevilla, will host the next July 5 to Che Sudaka in concert.

Che Sudaka is an alternative rock band formed by musicians from Argentina and Colombia. The band itself defines their style as punk reggae party in which they also have room for other rhythms such as hip-hop and ska.

It was formed in the early 2000s in Barcelona by a group of illegal immigrants who offered their music on the streets as a means of earning a living and who had arrived in the city following the wake of Manu Chao, one of the most influential Strengths of training.

To say that Che Sudaka is on tour is to suppose that the band has taken some truce. Che Sudaka’s tour enters its 15th year because, to be exact, this group that is in many ways exceptional, has never given in its constant activity. In 2017 it will be 15 years that Che Sudaka crosses and collapses frontiers in every sense and for the five continents, always inviting with their songs and under the motto “Dance thinking!” Both to the popular party as to the social conscience and a solidarity attitude . Nowadays the group is considered one of the international references of mestizaje. Their significant and demanding lyrics break down any boundary, be it cultural, ideological or physical, and defend human coexistence against political and media divisions. A coherent discourse that distinguishes the band from the masses. Che Sudaka has become an emblem of a way of being and of a cultural movement, in the bond of a planetary family.

The band Che Sudaka will be in Seville next Wednesday, July 5, 2017. The concert will take place in La Cartuja in Vivo at 22:00 h and the opening of doors will be at 21:00 h.

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