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Congress of Asian airlines in Seville

by | Jan 1, 2018 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Global Summit CAPA Low Cost Long-Haul in SevilleThe CAPA Low Cost Long-Haul Global Summit will be held in Seville on October 8 and 9. This congress will have the support of the Junta de Andalucía and AENA.

CAPA Center for Aviation Asia-Pacific ensures that the stable price of fuel and the evolution of technology have facilitated the entry of low cost airlines on long-haul flights.

Increasing the clients of low cost profile does not mean that they generate less wealth to the city because the clients of distant countries tend to stay longer and do more spending.


Global Summit CAPA Low Cost Long-Haul in Seville

This congress will serve to offer Seville as a logistics point for long-haul flights. Ryanair has already announced that it will build a maintenance center in Seville for aircraft operating in southern European countries.

20% of the turnover of the aeronautical sector in Seville comes from aircraft maintenance.

Seville will be the European capital of the aerospace sector in 2019.




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