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East Seville Festival

by | Jan 1, 2018 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

East Seville Festival - October 2018On October 19-21, the International Festival of Oriental Dance in Seville will take place, presented by Rocío Mora, where expert dancers from all over the world will gather.
Rocío Mora was born in Seville, began studying Arabic dance in 2002 and today is an expert in Bellydance born in Seville. Over the years he has developed his own style, based on the transmission of feelings.


East Seville Festival – October 2018

In the festival there will be training workshops, competitions and other shows.
The teachers who will attend the event are: Oxana Bazaeva, Anna Borisova, Rocío Mora, Anwar Kamel, Amir Thaleb and Helena Rull.




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