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The Planetarium will open its doors in Seville

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

The Planetarium will open its doors in SevilleThe date for the opening of the Planetarium at the home of the science of Seville is already determined. This opening also includes a permanent exhibition Seville Geo. Explore 540 million years. This exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Museum of geology in the University of Seville and the home of the science of Seville.

The Planetarium will show several projections, some indicated for children of child and primary education, and others for over 7 years. These videos will provide an understandable explanation for everyone above all on local geology.

The Planetarium at the Casa de la Ciencia

The Planetarium will open on September 23. Entries will have a cost of 3 euros and discounts will have for students, pensioners and large families.

Enjoy the universe!

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