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Global warming is no longer a problem of the future: it is a situation that we must stop immediately. We understand the Protection of the Environment as an important responsibility and we ensure that this is carried out through actions and specific objectives of action in all the functions and areas of our activity, based on premises of sustainability. Protecting the environment requires a responsible commitment from all of us.

The rehabilitation of the building in which we are located has been carried out with measures to improve its efficiency and reduce its consumption, thus obtaining recognition as the best Sustainability and Hotel Rehabilitation Project Executed in 2017, obtaining the A energy certification.


These are some of the main actions carried out by Gran Hotel Miramar to care for the environment:

    • Commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention, we continuously develop and implement environmental and quality objectives and goals through the setting of annual objectives.
    • Commitment to environmental compliance, we guarantee compliance with current environmental legislation, which is applicable to us due to our activity and geographic location, as well as the requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.
    • Waste management and minimization, we properly classify and manage urban waste (organic, cardboard, glass, paper) and hazardous waste, in accordance with current legislation. We increase energy savings and reduce water consumption, as central guidelines of our environmental protection policy.
    • We encourage the active participation of our suppliers, employees and guests in environmental training and awareness actions, encouraging suggestions for improvement in the field of environmental protection.
    • We review and audit our quality and sustainability management plans and systems on an ongoing basis.

The conjunction of all these measures are the keys to our corporate and business success.

We invite you to participate in our environmental actions.

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