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Essential monuments to visit in Seville

by | Jan 1, 2018 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

The time has come to take a short tour of all these must-see monuments in Seville. As you know, this Spanish city has much to show and much to discover today. You will be amazed by all that Seville has to offer! Do you want to make a worthwhile trip?, you must visit Seville. There are great things there!

Interesting places to visit in Seville:

Seville is considered done of the most popular and beautiful cities of Spain. This magical city has a very rich history and causes it to travel in its entirety. Maybe that’s why there are so many monuments and places of interest to visit in Seville. Do not know any? Look at the following list of monuments to visit in Seville:

Giralda and Cathedral of Seville

This monument is considered a iconic monument of the city.. It has a bell tower worthy of a film that lets you see part of the great city of Seville. In addition, you have an excellently preserved interior that surprises you as you look more and more. It is the third biggest cathedral in the world!

Golden tower

This monument is on the left to Guadalquivir’s river. It’s a Almohad tower that was part of the walls of Seville that protected Alcazar. Many believe that its name derives from the golden reflections of this tower in the water. Nevertheless, it‘s probable that its name owes to the use so particular that was given to this tower. Basically it was to keep gold!

Archive of Indies:

This historical monument of Seville contains more than 9 kilometers of shelves. It was build in 1785 and was able to gather all the documentation on the Spanish colonies of the time. Nowadays it is an important research center and it is also patrimony of humanity!


Triana is a one of the most famous neighborhoods of Sevilla This part has a unique history and particular customs and different from the rest of Seville. It is practically a city within a city! The greatest bullfighters, comedians and songwriters of Spain have been born in this peculiar neighborhood. Guadalquivir’s river is separates Triana from the rest of Seville.

Salvador Square

Touristic place in Seville where you can relax and have a cold drink with friends and family.  It’s located in the neighborhood of la Alfalfa and owes its name to the church there. In the Roman times, this place was a forum, however now is surrounded by some breweries. This place encourages you to take and have a pleasant time! To make matters worse, this square has been the scene of several famous films such as Knight and Day. You must know it!

Monuments and places in Seville that speak for themselves because of their historical load and their grandeur. Pleasantly, these are not the only monuments that exist in the city that you can appreciate. It will not take you a single day to see all that Seville hides in its streets!

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