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Dinopetrea paleontology exhibition

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Dinopetrea paleontology exhibitionDinopetrea is an itinerant paleontology exhibition of itinerant which will take place in Seville until 12th April  in the Pavilion of Navigation.

 It will be shown more than one dozen of skeletons of dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals, all  of them already have extincted. Among which are: a mammoth, a saber-toothed cat a  3 metres high cave bear and 12 dinosaurs of different species, among which, undoubtedly, will find the complete skeleton of 15 metres from the most importantl, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dinopetrea in the Pavilion of the navigation

The Dinopetrea expositions organized by FACOP’s Foundation, will be located in an area of more than thousand hundred square metres. That exhibition tries to explain how it was the life of 4,500 million years ago. One of the highlights of this didactic and fun exhibition is children will have the opportunity to play with a real meteorite and become paleontologists for a day. Children may, along with the teachers help , search  real fossil in a sandpit, which later they can analyzed, classified and may take it home. It will be like visiting one of the great museums in the world specialized in natural history as New York or London.

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