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The April Fair of Seville 2016

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The April Fair of Seville 2016


The traditional Seville April fair held from 12 of April 17, 2016 at the Real de la Feria located between Remedios and Tablada.


The fair has its origin in an ancient annual livestock market. It was in 1847 when held the first fair understood as a place where deals of purchase and sale of livestock were closed and also celebrated with songs and dances the transactions. With the passing of the years the livestock market moved to other sites and the show became an event Las Fiestas of spring.


The fair lasts for 6 days, from Monday to Sunday and begins the third Monday after the Domingo of Resurrección. It is the Monday of the fish where held the fair gala dinner and to 00: 00 hours with the traditional lighting of the lights of the fairgrounds gives officially inaugurated the fair, which will end Sunday 00: 00 with a fireworks show.





The fair portada is a porch that symbolizes the gateway to the Real de la Feria illuminated with lights and each year represents a symbolic building in the city. The cover of this year was inspired by the flag of Argentina of the Ibero-American Exposition held in Seville in 1939. There will be a total of 25000 bulbs.


The Real de la Feria

The fairgrounds consists of different parts: El Real de la Feria which is the where is tropical houses consisting of 25 blocks divided by 15 streets with names of bullfighters of legend. The second part is the street of hell which is where you will find all the attractions of fair, and finally enabled parking area so that visitors can park their cars.


The booths

The huts are structures ephemeral striped canvases coated with form of houses where visitors gather to eat, drink, sing and dance. The Real has a total of 1051 mostly private booths.


Ride horses and hooves

During the day numerous examples of horses walk through the fairgrounds mounted by men and women dressed in typical costumes, costume of short man and woman costume from Amazon or flamenco.


1400 carriages which also held an exhibition fair in the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza Sunday also participate in the ride.


Sevillanas and flamenco dresses

Sevillanas are the singing and dancing of the fair. The song comes from the seguidilla castellana and the dance consists of 4 parts. It is danced in couples and is normally accompanied by traditional sticks or castanets.



Bullfighting Feria de Abril are the most important of the bullfighting season. From Sunday 3rd to Sunday 17 April held 14 bullfights in the Royal Cavalry Maestranza in Seville.


To access the fair it can be walking or by public transport (Metro, bus or taxi) for fair are running at full capacity and with special schedule to serve visitors.


Don’t miss the fair of April 2016!



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