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For three days, the wonderful open-air venue of the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Seville, will host the first edition of a festival of great repercussion with a proposal of enormous quality in the field of rock, mestizaje, Rock & Roll, World Music, Urban Rock.

Caravan Sur Festival will be an interesting option and one of the most interesting festivals in autumn. It is an event with limited capacity to a maximum of three thousand five hundred people and a concert that is based on artists and recognized national bands such as Chambao, Antelope and La Banda Ancha, Total Sinister, Narco (concert end of tour of Party in Hellville) , Pájaro, O’Funk’illo (Andreas Lutz, Pepe Bao and Javier “Marssiano” Valero), Mártires del Compás, Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros, Furia Trinidad, Los Maleantes (tribute to Los Delinqüentes) among others. An interesting mix between styles such as flamenco fusion, rock, rumba or author song. The best of all is the price, the payment for three days costs only € 15 (+ expenses).

Festival du Sud Caravan dans la CAAC à Séville 2017
: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC). Chartreux Monastère de Santa Maria de las Cuevas. Chemin de la découverte, s / n (Isla de la Cartuja).
Quand: Le jeudi 5 au Samedi 7 Octobre 2017.
Heures: À déterminer.
Coût: 15 euros paiement trois jours (offre limitée).

Les billets sont disponibles en ligne à

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