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Gemeliers in Seville on June 23

Gemeliers’ long awaited tour “Gracias” (“Thank you) begins, which will surprise its legion of fans.

The brothers Daniel and Jesús Oviedo are a massive phenomenon. Now they return with ‘Gracias’, their third album and with which they consolidate in the national music scene.

After their participation in the La Voz Kids contest in 2014, the twins broke records with ‘Lo mejor está por venir’, a work with which they achieved the Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum albums. ‘Thousand and One Nights’, published a year later, burst onto the sales list as number 1 and achieved the Gold record in just one week. In addition, they accumulate more than 50 million visits in their Youtube channel.

This tour is a step forward in production and reach of the Gemeliers shows: it will be a tour of larger venues, and with a few Oviedo brothers, who by then will have reached the age of majority – as we have never seen before.

A tour of ambition and surprises.



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