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13 Curiosities of the Seville Fair


1. The origin of the Fair was devised by a Catalan and a Basque in 1846

2. In its beginnings it was celebrated with the aim of buying and selling cattle.

3. The women of the peasants were the inspiration of the creators of the flamenco dress, as they realized that the gowns tight at the waist and low with ruffles stylized the female body.

4. At the beginning the booths were made with exotic designs, oriental or fantastic style, although the current style is due to the painter Gustavo Bacarisas.

5. The decoration of the booths is taken care of so much, to a point in which the council awards prizes to which they are better decorated.

6. The April Fair has been visited by Rainier from Monaco, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy.

7. The paper lanterns of the April Fair go back to the year 1877 when Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit.

8. In 1964 there was a fire that ended with 67 booths and caused several injuries and a deceased person.

9. Hell Street is named after the noise caused by the number of attractions in it. More than 100 attractions!

10. The flamenco costume is the only Spanish regional costume that varies by fashions.

11. 1990 was the only year in which there were no horses due to African horse sickness.

12. The most characteristic drink of the Fair is chamomile. In fact, it is estimated at 1.5 million half-bottles that can be consumed during these days.

13. The cover of the year 2005 was destined to the centennial of Seville FC. However, someone made the mistake of casting the shield of Betis in the image of King San Fernando.



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