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Gypsy Tour of the Moon, great homage to Mecano in Seville.

It has been 25 years since Mecano presented his last tour Aidalai Tour and, two generations later, his music is very present among the general public. To commemorate this 25 anniversary is born Daughter of the Moon, a project tribute to the most important group of Spanish pop. A concert that offers the public a cloned reproduction of the mythical tour, rescuing in addition, other great successes of the band.

All this comes from the hand of Robin Torres, who has been singing since the age of fourteen. To his natural talent he has been adding his knowledge of dance and interpretation to turn it into an “off-road” of the performing arts always ready to give everything for this great passion. After its passage through “The Voice”, Robin Torres confronts “Daughter of the Moon”, a very worked show where it recreates the last tour of the formation Aidalai Tour.

If you are a fan of Mecano, or just like good pop music, you should not miss this precious tribute.

The appointment will be in Seville, next 2nd June in the Rocío Jurado Auditorium.



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