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The Nao Victoria at Seville

by | Jan 1, 2016 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

The Nao Victoria at Seville


The replica of the Nao Victoria dock at the pier of the delights of Seville from December 14, 2015 of January 10, 2016. Reach Seville as end of a route that has toured different ports for 8 months.


The arrival of the ship is a notice to the conmemoriacion of the V centenary of the first around the world held in Seville in 2019. The replica of the Nao Victoria will be open from 10 to 18 hours during all the holidays.


The Nao Victoria


The Nao Victoria is the only navigation which came back from five ships that departed from Seville to go around the world on August 10, 1519. The expedition was commanded by Hernando de Magallanes. Few months before completing his voyage Magellan died and was replaced by Captain Juan Sebastián el Cano who had the feat of giving the first around the world on Board of the Nao Victoria.


The Nao Victoria returned to Sevilla 8 September 1522, having completed 32,000 miles navigated during the three years the crossing.


The replica of the ship has 26 meters in length and 17 sleeve. Visitors can see the details of the ship and see first hand the methods of navigation which became the first around the world.


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