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The Tower of Don Fadrique of Seville

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

The Tower of Don Fadrique of SevilleThe Tower of Don Fadrique of Seville, has been restored and ready to be visited by tourists and citizens of our city.

A tower surrounded by legend and ancient; It is located in the convent of Santa Clara, and which has witnessed of legends of forbidden love as Don Fadrique and his stepmother Joan, Countess of Ponthieu second wife of his father Fernando III which at the time was just over 18 years and her husband the king of over 50.

Guided tours of the Tower of Don Fadrique

As we know the legend of Don Fadrique and his stepmother narrates that the son of Fernando III built this tower for his loving encounter with the young wife of his father, his second wife, his stepmother; but being discovered by his brother Alfonso X sentenced to death for insulting the royal decorum. History tells us that the death of Don Fadrique was caused by his own brother but accusing him of rebellion and conspiracy against the king, which in this case was his own brother. Don Fadrique is executed in Burgos and since then and for a long time the tower was never again utilized.

Besides visiting the Tower of Don Fadrique; performances can be submitted from June, its environment lends itself to be carried out, shows that are closely linked with flamenco and culture of our renowned heritage.

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