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Seville’s doors in Antiquarium

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

descargaThe Culture and Arts of the City of Sevilla institute offers an exhibition through the doors of the city along its walled.

In 1868 occurs in Seville a historic event that will forever change the course of this city shoot down the Almohad walls and gates built in the XII century. It takes perhaps the most important decision of urban history in past and future centuries. But it was also a cultural, heritage, political and social decision. Sevilla would have a stone belt that kept him from “gaining weight” geographically, and began to shed its long avenues towards the suburbs who were waiting at the gates. Seven centuries had served the same size for the city to adopt a single behavior and a particular language. Seven centuries habits and customs almost identical thanks to those who either knew right away where it was the South, how would Carmona, out where the dead or where the meat came.

After knowing the great work done by journalist Juan Miguel Vega about different ways to enter the city (“22 ways to get in Sevilla” ABEC Editors), the idea of giving a step further and develop it into an exhibition shows.

Dates: December 5 to February 22, 2015. Opening hours: Monday, December 25, 1 and 6 January: Closed. Tuesday to Saturday: 10: 00-14: 30 and 17: 00-20: 30. Sundays, holidays, 24 and 31 December: 10: 00-14: 30. (Will not be accessed twenty minutes before closing time).

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