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Church_of_St_Louis_des_Francais-ESPSE00132_3 (1)‘Baroque by the province’, aims to capture the sights of Seville and more representative of the architectural and artistic style province, through a route of 15 municipalities in the province.

This guide forms part of the project ‘Another Sevilla built by History’, aimed at promoting the supply of cultural tourism or heritage in the territory of the municipalities within which the proposal on ‘Rome’ is also included and the ‘Sacred Art’.

“This time is to show, in more detail, a period of overwhelming vitality that brought the Sacred Art to the highest artistic heights, such as the Baroque,” remarked Villalobos, who also pointed out that this initiative coincides with the opening this Friday of ‘Second Exhibition of Easter and Religious Tourism’, which runs until Sunday in the courtyard of the Provincial Council.

Furthermore, Villalobos has referred to the municipalities that collect the guide are mostly located in the region of the Country, and recalled the development of Countryside Tourism Plan, which has invested a total of more than EUR 3.7 million, spread over more than twenty works of performance on equity. Some of these actions have been directed to the baroque heritage, such as the Church of San Miguel, Moron de la Frontera. In the works for their rehabilitation has been invested through countryside Plan, a total of 240,000 euros.

The guide will be accompanied by a statement in the House of the Province until next November 23 with the images of the publication.

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