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Mikel Erentxun comes to Seville in May 2015

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Mikel Erentxun comes to Seville in May 2015The famous singer Mikel Erentxun comes to Seville in May 2015. More specifically, the time and place chosen for this great and long awaited musical event are on 30 May at the Sala Custom Sevilla.

This concert is immersed in the tour that is carrying out the singer currently called “Hearts”, where will also present his latest work, which bears the same title. It is a very personal record, since, after suffering heart problems, the artist was inspired by the bad experience he had to compose some songs. It went on sale last March, and is one of the most seller in Spain.

Mikel Erentxun and Seville

Mikel Erentxun and Sevilla are closely linked because, although it has not heard from him for a while, his fans in our city are unconditional, and have been accompanying the artist until his comeback. We can enjoy the concert from 21:00, although it would be advisable to be there half an hour earlier. As for the price, it is 18 € for all audiences. Go and enjoy!

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