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“Misterios del Quijote” by Rafael Álvarez, El Brujo

by | Jan 1, 2016 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

   Rafael Álvarez, El Brujo will perform “Misterios del Quijote” in Lope de Vega Theatre. Cervantes (along with Shakespeare) are involved in most of the representations that will be held in Lope de Vega Theatre this autumn as a tribute for their 400 anniversary of their death. Rafael Álvarez, El Brujo also commemorates the Spanish playwright and will share with the audience his monologue “Misterios del Quijote” in which he will embody the two protagonists of the story.

   The performance will take place from November 17th to 20th at 20.30h from Thursday to Saturday and at 19.30h on Sunday. Tickets cost 21€ and can be purchased in 


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