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Mozart vs. Salieri in ‘Espacio Santa Clara’.

by | Jan 1, 2016 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Until July 30 at ‘Espacio Santa Clara’ you can enjoy the play “Mozart vs. Salieri’ with performances from Wednesday through Saturday at 22:15h.


It is said that the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not die of a disease but at the hands of his great rival, Antonio Salieri; Charges that after the death of Salieri overcharged force because of their rivalry.

The competition was so strong that demanded the best of both composers. Each work was a counterattack to the other.

The play recreates a hypothetical meeting between them after the death where the complex personality of artists in a Europe immersed in the “Age of Enlightenment”, at the gates of the great revolutions that marked our history is displayed. All of this inundated of course by the music.

Before starting the show there is an optional visit to the Monastery and the Tower Don Fadrique from 21pm.

The ticket price is 10 €. Tickets can be purchased through or at the Monastery of Santa Clara 1 hour before the start of the play.

Do not miss this great show!


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