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‘Quitate las Gafas’ con Melendi.

by | Jan 1, 2017 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Melendi comes to Seville with his most ambitious tour “Take off your glasses”

The ‘Quitate las Gafas’ tour promises to be one of the most impressive of the year. Following a start in February that has led him to visit various countries in America (United States, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador …), Melendi will offer his spectacular direct in Spain from May 2017.


The artist is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the musical landscape of recent years, and one of the most beloved artists and admired by the public. Many of his successes – turned into true hymns – are already part of the recent history of the music of our country. Its unique way of transmitting everyday feelings and situations, an undeniable charisma and a constant and growing evolution in the eyes of all have managed to calm people of all generations, achieving an extraordinary connection with the public.

“It is an interior journey that invites to be recognized in the abstract”

In his eighth album, Melendi calls to approach life without prejudice, according to his own words “is an album that for me represents much more than a job. I have enjoyed and, above all, I have learned a lot in the process. It is an inner journey that invites us to recognize ourselves in the abstract, in a world where, if something can not be seen or touched, it simply does not exist. Musically follows the line of the two previous.

Throughout his career, the Asturian artist has been recognized with numerous awards such as a Music Award, a Ondas Award, as well as numerous awards from the country’s main music stations: prizes 40 Principales, Cadena 100, Cadena Dial …

On June 10 he arrives in Seville with his spectacular tour that you should not miss. In the auditorium Rocío Jurado will cite all his faithful followers and new admirers of his work.

A concert that will definitely mark its attendees.



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