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Reopening of the Church of Third Parties

by | Jan 1, 2019 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

The church of Consolation will reopen its doors on Sunday March 24, three weeks before the traditional Holy Week begins in Seville. That same day the Archbishop of Seville, Monsignor Juan José Asenjo, will preside at a solemn mass of thanksgiving at 12:00 hours for the completion of the works.

History and restoration

The church of Consolation is a temple of the late seventeenth century that was founded in 1602 by the Third Order of San Francisco. Its construction is attributed to the Franciscan friar Manuel Ramos, author of the magnificent main staircase. In addition, it is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of La Sagrada Cena.

After a major restoration of almost half a year, on March 24, the foundation will be reinforced, the fissures in the dome will be repaired and the chapel of La Encarnación will be rehabilitated, affected by leaks in its roof. In addition, the pillars, dependencies of the sacristy and the house of the brotherhood have been arranged and the flooring has been renewed.

These works have strengthened the weak structure of the temple and have brought to light very valuable pieces such as baroque paintings hidden for centuries (as you can see in the image), unknown burials or a chapel that was closed to the devotee and visitor for decades: the Virgin of the Incarnation.

The intention for next summer is to clean the altarpieces, for which we will have the help of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville with which maintains a collaboration agreement.


From next February 10 the brotherhood will facilitate guided visits to his brothers to know the result of the restoration of the church. The visits will take place between Sunday, February 10 and Wednesday, February 13, beginning at 11 am on Sunday and at 7 pm the rest of the days with a maximum quota of 30 visitors per hour.

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