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Señor del Gran Poder’s move.

by | Jan 1, 2016 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

 Next Friday 4 of November ‘El Señor del Gran Poder’ will be moved to the Cathedral of Seville for preside over the Altar of the Jubilee on the occasion of the year of the Mercy.

 It is planned that in the Act of the Cathedral, that will consist of three parts: an act of prayer on the mercy of Dios; the celebration of the sacrament of penance, with numerous confessors scattered around the Cathedral and a Eucharist presided by the Archbishop of Seville, involved all the brotherhoods of the Archdiocese.

 The outing from his Basilica will be the Friday, 4th of November at 17.00 hours and arrival to the Cathedral at 20.00 hours. His route initially approved will run by them following streets: Basílica, Plaza de San Lorenzo, Conde de Barajas, Jesús del Gran Poder, Santa Bárbara, Delgado, Amor de Dios, García Tassara, Daóiz, Orfila, Cuna, Plaza del Salvador, Entrecárceles, Plaza San Francisco, Hernando Colón, Alemanes, Placentines, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Puerta de los Palos.

 The Saturday, 5th of November ‘El Señor del Gran Poder’ will return to his Basilica after presiding over the seasonal mass in the Cathedral. It will be at 20.00 hours and the entrance to his Basilica will be around 01.00 hours of Sunday, November 6. For the first time in his history  ‘El Señor del Gran Poder’  will visit the convent of ‘Las Hermanas de la Cruz’. The itinerary is as follows: Puerta de San Miguel, Avenida de la Constitución, Plaza Nueva, Granada, Plaza San Francisco, Entrecárceles, Cuesta del Rosario, Jesús de las Tres Caídas, Odreros, Boteros, Sales y Ferré, Plaza Cristo de Burgos, Imagen, Santa Ángela de la Cruz, Gerona, San Juan de la Palma, Madre María Purísima de la Cruz, Feria, Conde de Torrejón, Amor de Dios, Alameda de Hércules, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Eslava, Plaza de San Lorenzo, Basílica.

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