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September is flamenco, Seville

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

September is flamenco, Seville

The Bienal of flamenco de Sevilla already has a parallel festival to odd-numbered years, i.e., for those years that is not celebrated in the biennial, with leading figures such as El Lebrijano, Farruquito, Rafael Riqueni, José Menese and Eva Yerbabuena.

The festival’s program.

Programming, presented Monday by the Mayor of Seville, Juan Ignacio Zoido, will take place between 8 and 20 September in four scenes of the city, the theaters Lope de Vega and Maestranza, the Patio of the Montería in the Real Alcázar and garden of the Torre de Don Fadrique, a space almost own secret for meditation and summon the Goblin.

In the Torre de don Fadrique, Rancapino father and Rancapino son they will act together in the show «Rancapinos», Pastora Galván will stage «Moranata» and Ana Morales «The lost steps», while at the inaugural gala to be held at the Lope de Vega will perform the Giraldillo prizes from the last Biennale – Manuel Valencia, Antonio Reyes and Miguel Angel Cortes, among others , and the closing, in the Maestranza will be for the show «Oh», of Eva Yerbabuena.
Alcazar will host the show «Estruna» in which Archangel combines his voice with the Bulgarian voices group, and will also be the framework for the night in which El Güito, El Potito and La Macanita cast singing and dancing.

Also in the Alcázar will act Joaquín Grilo, Diego de el Morao, Manuel Parrilla and Jesús Méndez, in the show entitled «Jerez», and, on another occasion, Menese, Argentina, and Milagros Menjibar.

Also in this enclosure will act together Aurora Vargas and Pansequitoy, after the success achieved in the last biennial, repeated José de la Tomasa with the Baroque Orchestra of Seville.

The spectacle that the dancer Javier Barón, in the Torre de Don Fadrique, on 29 may, will stage at the Tower of don Fadrique, entitled «meeting the bastion» was also presented.

Programming of “September is flamenco” has been due to a decision by the Mayor of Seville after the success of the last biennial, so it commissioned a stable programming for odd-numbered years the director of this contest, Cristóbal Ortega.


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