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Seville Congress Cellular Therapy

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Seville Congress Cellular TherapySeville will host the next European Congress organized by the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT). The Congress is scheduled next September 2015, it will be the first time which this type of Congress held in Spain.

This year will have as a novelty, the setting up of simple actions so that patients can access their treatment quickly and safely. At the same time, it aims to provide an overview about what therapies are in advanced stages of their development and whichone are the medicines that already have obtained or applied for  authorization.

Three leaders Sevillan hospitals in cell therapy

Andalusia is a region leader in the development of this type of therapy.It accounts with 24 clinical trials in different stages of development by the IATA (Andalusian Initiative on Advanced Therapies) The most important sevillian hospital are Virgen del Rocío, Virgen Macarena and Valme, and they participate in 19 of 24 clinical trials. These clinical trials focus on research related to some cardiac, vascular  peripheral, neurologic, hematologic, digestive, eye and infectious diseases. These trials have risen to national and international level, through agreements and collaborations to transmit the knowledge and transferring the results to the patients.

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