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Seville, scene of the series there down

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Seville, scene of the series there downThe place chosen to record the series ‘Down there’ will be the city of Seville, which, according to the Mayor of Seville “highlights the conversion of Seville on a permanent film set” with a series that collects “relations between a Basque and a Seville”.

The two main actors María Leon and Jon Plazaola have advanced that the plot of this series puts on the table a “cultural history of contrasts” beyond the plot of love tells. Both deny having relation with the film ‘8 Basque surnames’, although if they have acknowledged that it may “seem”, but in this case, it is a story about “the authenticity of the Andalusian”.

The delegate Councillor of employment, economy, major holidays and tourism in the Town Hall of Seville, Gregorio Serrano, said that the series of 13 episodes is “fully” recorded in Seville. In addition, pointed out that it is also decisive “set of specialized technicians, and new technologies” found in our city.

Meanwhile, Leon and Plazaola have highlighted that if they manage to “convey the illusion that has collapsed during the filming to viewers”, the project will have “many more issues to achieve”, since so far the shooting will be until March. In this sense, both actors have pointed out that what love of the city is “the environment, people and possibilities” that has so “Wouldn’t mind them staying a few more days”, which depends on all of the string.

In terms of employment in the city, the protagonists have pointed out that “are there people in the city to give work to those who have desire to live the illusion, the trap of cinema”.

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