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Summer Cinema in Patio de la Diputación 2018 (Program June-July).

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From June 22 to September 16, 2018 the Patio de la Diputación de Sevilla located at Av. De Menéndez Pelayo, 32 hosts one more year its summer cinema proposal ‘Asómate al patio’.

As the main novelty, this year the programming has been advanced 15 days due to the high demand of previous years. This year’s program features 87 film days with a total of 62 films screened (13 in the original version with subtitles, 12 Spanish films, 12 comedies and 25 dramas-suspense).

The cinema has a digital projection system with large screen and a bar for snacks and drinks. The sessions will begin at 22:15 and the price of the tickets is € 4.



June, 22.

Call me by your name.

June, 23.

Call me by your name.

June, 24.

Una mujer fantástica.

June, 25.


June, 26.

Sin amor.

June, 27.


June, 28.

La seducción.

June, 29.

La cordiallera.

June, 30.




July, 1.

El insulto.

July, 2.

Perfectos desconocidos.

July, 3.

El instante más oscuro.

July, 4.

Wonder Wheel.

July, 5.

Tres anuncios en las afueras.

July, 6.

Wonder Wheel.

July, 7.

Tres anuncios en las afueras.

July, 8.

La casa junto al mar.

July, 9.

Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo.

July, 10.


July, 11.

La muerte de Stallin.

July, 12.

Los archivos de pentágono.

July, 13.

Tierra de Dios.
July, 14.

Los archivos de pentágono.

July, 15.

Alma Mater
July, 16.

La librería.
July, 17.

Invitación de boda.
July, 18.

El gran showman.
July, 19.

La forma del agua.
July, 20.

The party.
July, 21.

La forma del agua.
July, 22.
Matar a un ruiseñor.
July, 23.
El autor.
July, 24.
El Cairo confidencial.
July, 25.
El buen maestro.
July, 26.
El hilo invisible.
July, 27.
Lady bird.
July, 29.
Heartstone – Corazones de piedra.
July, 30.
Toc Toc.
July, 31.
Blade Runner 2049.

* (New post with the programming of August and September Coming soon).


Enjoy a cinematic summer!

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