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The musical ‘The Addams Family’ arrives in Seville.

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From May 2 to May 22, 2018 in the old theater of the General Society of Authors, now called Cartuja Center, and located on the Isla de la Cartuja in Seville, will take place the performances of the musical ‘The Addams family’.

The space is ideal to host this musical because it is a “ghost-building”. After years of neglect and never having been used for the first time now welcomes visitors with 2,047 seats with an electronic system for removing seats to convert the main stage in a concert hall. It has a second room with capacity for 500 people.


‘The Addams Family’, the musical.

The Broadway musical that is currently performed in Madrid had a great success in the cities of Chicago and New York and now goes on tour in Spain.

With music by Andew Lippa based on the libretto by Brickmann and Elice on the characters of Charles Addams, the musical comes from the hand of Letsgo Productions with Esteve Ferrer as director.

The musical is composed of 20 artists, among which the protagonists of the show Carmen Conesa (in the role of Morticia), Xavi Mira (Gómez) and Lydia Fairén (Wednesday). We can also see, of course, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Lurch and Thing.

Synopsis: Our beloved Wednesday gets older something that all parents fear and the worst is that she has fallen in love with someone “normal”. Of course when they have find it out nobody seems to agree with the relationship and on top of that Wednesday has invited her boyfriend and his parents, Mr and Ms. Beineke to have dinner. During this eccentric dinner at the Addams’ house, the darkest secrets will be revealed and everything will be questioned and the whole family including ancestors will have to face what they fear the most: the change.

Tickets are for sale from February 1 in the event website.


Neither from this world, nor for the Hereafter miss this spectacular musical.

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