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The Sleeping Beauty in Seville 2019.

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On Wednesday, December 25, 2019 at the Cartuja Center Cite, the St. Petersburg Ballet will represent the tale The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky.

The St. Petersburg Ballet is directed by Andrey Batalov, principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet. The spectacular scenery is in charge of Eugeny Gurenko.

It will feature star performances by Ekaterina Bortiakova, Nikolay Nazarkhevich, Natasha Kusch, Ievgen Lagunov and Andrey Batalov.

This play is awarded with the XXVII edition of Teatro de Rojas Awards as Best Dance Show 2018.



The Sleeping Beauty (1890), is the second of the ballets composed by Tchaikovsky. It is based on the story by Charles Perrault of the same name. It consists of three acts with great dances in the Royal Palace.

During the christening of Princess Aurora, daughter of King Florestan XXIV, the bad fairy Carabosse, whom they forgot to invite, curses the princess and predicts that she will prick her finger on a spindle and die on the day of her 16th birthday.

Sixteen years later, during the birthday of Princess Aurora, the bad fairy Carabosse disguised as an old woman  gives the princess a spindle.

The princess pricks herself with the needle, but instead of dying, she only falls into a deep sleep thanks to the help of the Lilac Fairy. 

Will someone be able to wake up the beautiful princess and thus end the spell that holds the entire village captive?


If you want to know the end of the story, book your tickets and stay with us at the end of the show.

Duration of the show: 135 minutes.

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