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The story of the beautiful Susona.

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All the facts and names mentioned below are historically registered and documented.

Beyond XIV century, the Jewish, after the persecution and the countless humiliations suffered, planned a revenge against Christians. The venue for the meetings was the home of Diego Susón. This banker lived with his daughter Susana Ben Susón, known in the town as “the beautiful female” for its great beauty.

The Jewish girl received so many compliments that she dreamed of reaching a high social life position in the city and began to see a Christian gentleman, belonging to one of the most illustrious families of the city, and they became lovers.

A night, while she was waiting that they all were going to bed to met his lover, she found out about the plan that them were planning with her father to the head and being afraid that something was happening to her dear one, Susona warned him of the danger that was running so he could be safe. Her lover informed immediately the assistant of the city, don Diego de Merlo, who ordered to detain the ringleaders and a few days later all of them were hung in Tablada.

After being repudiated as causer of the death of her own people, and tormented by the remorses, Susona, looked for help at the Cathedral, where the archpriest Reginaldo de Toledo, baptized her and gave her the absolution, advising her to go off and do penance to a convent, so she did and remained there for several years. Later, he returned home where he carried an exemplary Christian life.

Finally, after Susona’s death and opened her testament a written that said: “And as example to young women and in testimony of my misfortune, I command that when I died my head will be separated of my body and put in a stake at the door of my house, and stay there forever” was found.

And this way it became, placed in a bracket on the threshold of his house remained for more than one century, until 1.600, giving the name of the street of death. Time then is placed a tile with a skull and has changed the name of the street, by Susona Street, that still remains. A few years ago a title with the story of Susona was placed.


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