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Soiree Santa Ana Triana 2015

by | Jan 1, 2015 | ENGLISH | 0 comments

Soiree Santa Ana Triana 2015 Soiree Santa Ana, takes place in Triana from 21st to 26th July 2015. Triana, the emblematic Seville district located on the  Guadalquivir riverside celebrates its traditional party, Velá of Santiago and Santa Ana.

It emerged, in its origins, as a celebration of the religious festivity of the patron of the neighborhood. Today, it is as a the traditional fair of Seville, although the religious acts of the day 25th and 26th are not forgotten.

Festive atmosphere day and night

In the mornings you can enjoy multiple activities, such as traditional games, contests, and  cucaña or the greasy pole, a traditional activity, where residents will try to reach a flag located on a mast completely oiled and slippery. Overnight the place is transformed, then is where the district nears deckhouses dancing Sevillanas while they eat the famous fried fish and drink fine wine.

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